'I think people see me as slightly ‘out there’, but I think that’s a good place to be"


This happened to me. I had a friend who was sucking my energy with her problems, and the ONLY time i didn’t support her because i couldn’t agree with what she was about to do and stood up for what I believed, she threw all of this offenses on me. Years of friendship, and she blew away just because i didn’t say what she wanted to hear.

it’s kinda sad, i miss her friendship sometimes because there were good moments but when I look back and see that I was giving way more that i was getting, I’m glad is over. 

A friend on trouble? I’d love to help.

Sucking the life out of me and think that I am a fucking shrink and that i’m not allowed to have contrary opinions because i have to please you? No, thanks.

If you have a “friend” that sucks the life out you, let go of him/her NOW, because you don’t have to sacrifice yourself. If you feel that you’re doing , is not real. You need to be there because you want to, because it makes you feel good helping him/her, or just being around, instead of feeling overwhelmed, feeling like your own friend is drowning you on their problems.

You need to understand that you’re a friend but you’re also a person with your own problems, with your own life, and you can’t fix everything fucking thing. I know that we see in movies, series all those relationships when they got a really screwed up person and there’s always a friend/lover who “saves” them, but it’s not always  like that, there’s a limit of what you can do.You need to know your value and manage these toxics relatinships and understand that is OKAY if it’s too much for you and is OKAY to get rid of people that are not good for you


that is the best one. hands down.

Yes, I say “Well, this is awkward” in a awkward situation

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